Banjar-ish Bahasa Indonesia

Actually I realized that lately it’s easier to me to find time for writing over unimportant things.I think it’s just me looking for excuses to procrastinate on doing things that I should be doing instead: university application, learning IELTS and GRE, writing post about #BPRI.

But still, suka suka gue laaaah. hahaha! (Warning: Do not do this at home).

So, tonight I met 2 friends, Haihai and a Novita (her family, we just met). I We talked quite a lot. Mostly about my scholarship. Both of them familiar and fluent with English, and I think they talk to each other with Bahasa Indonesia. But they are Banjarese.

As for me, I kinda enjoy talking in Bahasa Banjar. It makes me feel humble and down to earth(I think it is the adjective word that becomes obsession for my self image). Ppppffftttt….. ke laut aja lo.

I talked funnily with them. I realized that they tend to talk in Bahasa Indonesia and English, but I replied them with Bahasa Banjar/Indonesia/English.

Time passed just with me talking for a very long time. In the middle of the conversation, I think my consciousness knocking over my linguistic part of my brain and telling myself that: hey! Banjarese accent could be used to talk in Bahasa Indonesia.

I was talking like this: jadi kan,// saat kami ke desa,// kami harus pakai masker tu nah, // supaya nggak kemasukan debu.

Okay, if you are Banjarese, you might probably thinking that the above talk is quite funny.

But then I think this is how to use Banjarese particle in Bahasa Indonesia (+accent). With funny accentuation in several words, we might someday develop banjar-ish Bahasa Indonesia.

Why is this important?

This is important because we need to state our presence in Indonesian people. So Indonesian won;t only talk about Dayak when they talk about Borneo. Borneo has Banjar too. Bunch of funny people who speak loudly with veeery distinctive accent that others can’t imitate.


because I said so.


Written by a girl who is procrastinating her bedtime.


Tanah Itu Memanggil, Pegunungan Meratus

Sudah kurang lebih tiga tahun sejak terakhir aku melakukan pendakian ke Kahung. Itu adalah pendakian terbesar yang pernah kulakukan. Kenapa terbesar? Karena kesibukan kuliah yang saat itu kurasa tak bisa ditinggalkan (padahal mungkin sebenarnya bisa) menyebabkan aku tidak bisa lagi melakukan pendakian yang lain.

Sekarang, dengan deadline untuk segera meninggalkan bumi pertiwi, tiba-tiba tanah itu seakan memanggil lagi untuk dijamah, mungkin yang terakhir kalinya sebelum kutinggalkan pergi. Mungkin kembali ke Kahung, atau ke Halau-Halau, salah satu keinginan yang belum pernah dituluskan.

Aku merindukan rimbun pepohonan besar, jalur yang masih harus di buka, lintah dan pacet yang menghisap darah tanpa ampun, mencuci nesting di pinggir sungai yang mengalir deras, rasa haus yang harus ditahan karena persediaan air yang menipis sebelum mencapai basecamp, suhu yang dingin karena hujan yang datang tanpa diundang, langit malam berhambur bintang, dan bintang jatuh yang tak terhitung.

Tapi yang paling penting kebersamaan di kala pendakian. Aku sadar tujuanku bukan puncak, tapi kebersamaan itu. Perjalanan bersama sejumlah orang yang akhirnya tidak hanya menjadi sebatas kenalan namun menjadi sahabat seperjuangan. Aku pernah punya rumah, dengan abang, adik dan saudara/dingsanak yang mengaku semuak seliur. Keegoisan harganya mahal, dan aku mengorbankan banyak hal tanpa ku tahu.

Dan kali ini tanah itu memanggil. Jika langkah ini sampai, aku ingin melakukannya dengan mereka lagi.

STA, PK BPRI, IELTS, GRE and How My Life Drastically Back to Long-Life Learning Process

In my latest post, I wrote about me passed interview test for a scholarship, named BPRI, abbreviation for Beasiswa Presiden Republik Indonesia or in english: IPS, Indonesia Presidential Scholarship . Now I’m gladly telling the world that I already passed the final stage of the selection/Seleksi Tahap Akhir/STA!! Iyeeey!!!

The the final selection consist of the following test : medical check up, the too-many-unimportant-and-difficult-questions test, and Leadership Project (I was teamed up with 3 friends to create social project in underdeveloped village). The STA was held from 30 September to 3 October, while the announcement for the result is 6 October, all in IPSC (Indonesia Peace and Security Center) Sentul. The awardees shrunk from 134 candidates into 109 awardees.

After the announcement, all awardees have to join Leadership Program from LPDP (Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan) from 7 October to 15 October 2014. It was a very fun Program. I get to know with each other awardees more, and we also work on several social project together. Other times, we get lectures from inspirational leaders in Indonesia, and improve our awareness in Indonesia’s potential for the next years to come. At the last day, we finally meet RI 1, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in PERSON!

I guess I better write on this matter in separate post because there are too much to write about STA and PK. I promise that i will write the entire process to apply IPS.

What I want to talk about in this post is actually the later condition in my life. I get the scholarship, yes. But I still need to apply to the univeristy (since I have no LoA). So I still need to take english proficiency test and GRE (if I’m going to US). My last english proficency certificate is TOEFL ITP, which cannot be used to apply for university. There are two option, whether I to take TOEFL IBT or IELTS. In the end I choose IELTS, because it’s widely used (US, UK, Aussie).

I’m trying to get to University of ***, University of **** and ***** University. Each univeristy has their own uniqueness from my view:

  • University of *** : Melbourne is located near my motherland #eaaaa . Some people says it’s nice city to live in. Aside from that, Uni*** offers program that I need, Master of Teaching concentrated in Biology and PSYCHOLOGY! So I could learn how to teach Biology and also learn more about how students perceive education settings.
  • University of **** : I don’t really have a dream to live in US, so I’ll review this only by the program. It has program that I want but mainly focus in psychology but I will still get M.Ed for it.
  • ***** University : It’s ***** ! But more logical than that, the lecturer, they have Mr. X and Mr. Y! I’ve been learning from their books and theories like the whole time I’m doing my undergraduate program and skripshit/undergraduate final paper.

Some part of me realize that I think it’s not good to explain my preference, so I decided to censored them. I never mean to compare them, all of them is  good universities.

So, now I started to change my life’s pace. From layback freelancer whose life full of chasing wild opportunities, to scholarship awardee with deadline. In 1 year, I have to be accepted in university. Time somehow flow so fast that I hardly have time to do anything at all (I think it’s just me panicking, like always, procrastinator standard syndrome). I started to make plans for several days to come. Organized plan. Somehow it scares me how much my time is worth. every single second.

I study everyday now, for many tests to take, for many essays to write, for many journals and books to read (due to the possibility to change university). No more watching movies, Arashi vids, downloading series. Now I’m to read pdfs and books. They all wait for me to study them done.

This is a big leap in my life. I won’t mess with this one now. I will focus on this goal. Too much risk to take if I lose this. God, please give me your guidance.


(P.S.: I’m seriously thankfull if anyone to give me corrections and advice about english writing if you see anything bad with this post)

X-Men and My Comment

Actually, I should post about BPRI, but it needs more proofreading so I postponed it and I post this instead.

This is my comment about X-men: days of Future Past. I cannot hold myself to think about the time travel they done.

It’s not a real physical time travel but mind time travel. Logan go back in time and do something to change the future. n the story there are some things that makes me raise questions.

Riddle me this: why the time went simultaneously? In time travel, there’s always the possibility to go back to the future just one second after the subject was away. But then, let’s see the case again. It’s not physiscal time travel, but it’s communicating with the past. That’s why the time went simultaneously. But then, Why the future doesn’t change altogether after each decision was taken differently than before. According to imdb, the Bryan Singer take the string theory as his guidance:

Until an object is observed, it hasn’t really happened yet. The time-traveller whose consciousness travels through time I call The Observer, and until the Observer returns to where he travelled from, the result hasn’t occurred yet. So he can muck about in the past and it isn’t until he snaps back that the new future is set. As a result, we have parallel action, and there’s underlying tension because there’s always that threat Wolverine’s consciousness could return to the future and leave the world in an even darker place.”

This calms me down. I have to run my thoughts over this like this tho (via written text). Now I can sleep tightly. Uber sleepy (and I’m actually holding my headache just to post this).