About this Fictions….

So I’m writing these weird fictions now. It’s just my way to express my self and LEARNING ENGLISH. So I hope that explains why it have bad grammars here and there.

I will try to improve my english skill.

And I also use Arashi’s song as the title. I think i will keep using the songs title for my fiction. I kind of really like Arashi and their song until the point where I want to makes some connection to them. With this, I think I create the bond, at least for myself. Hehe.



02. Love Situation

He brushed his arms to her. It’s unknown whether it’s intentionally or on purpose. But she was anxious. Nobody could read anyone’s mind, but she liked to pretend like she did. Then, her mind playing her some tricks.

Why’d he did that? 

He’s so close

Did he realize that this distance is exceptionally too close?

Wait he did that again…

Now he’s humming,

No, he’s singing…..

Wait seriously?? 

This is very sweet if he’s really trying to tell me something

Should I do something too

I’m so anxious!

Nobody could read anyone’s mind. But her mind unconciously faked it to her, that, what she thought of him was true. She never wrong when reading about normal stuffs before, so there’s no special reason that this is not right.

She let her mind playing tricks in her head.

She’s really fond of magicians too, maybe that explains a lot.

01. Runaway Train

She was sitting beside the brown colored river at near the front of her house. She was strumming her guitar and mumbling some incoherent words for anyone who’d passed by. But there’s no one passed by. She’s not entirely alone though, there was grey cat near her. No one of them trying to notice each other. The woman was drown in his own thoughts. She didn’t focused her eyes anywhere, her eyes just wandered aimlessly.

She strummed her guitar again and again. Mumbling some words, which for her is a song of her heart. She didn’t need anyone to agree for her way of thinking about her song. She closed her eyes sometimes, and back to reality that’s so attached to her mind. Her research proposal.

Everyone in her class almost finish it. But she was like the most laziest person in the world, with stubborn principle. For that, she barely finished the proposal.

Time never waits, someone at the past said. She agree. But somehow, if time is a person, she would locked him (or her) inside his room and keep him/her for herself.

She opened her eyes, sang louder with more melody in it. She knew, playing guitar and singing bad song actually just her runaway train from her work. She knew, she had to do it now. Or there will be no later. She had to return to her first station and took the right train.


one more song, she said to herself.

And the guitar was strummed.

Arashi: My Cute Boys, Wait, Maybe, Adorable Uncles?

So, maybe this is the most important 5 person beside my family and friends. This 5 person, this Super Boys (believe me I’m calling them this with very reasonable reason). Arashi.

Arashi is idol group from Johnnys, consist of 5 adorable man. when this group formed at 1999 they were like 16 -19 years old. The members areNinomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, Aiba masaki, Sakurai Sho, and Matsumoto Jun.


Ohno Satoshitumblr_mqsp7yYrmp1r44hmoo2_r2_500

Ninomiya Kazunari

Sakurai Sho

IMG_0011a Aiba Masaki

file aiba

Matsumoto Jun Jun

What they do? As Johnny’s group, they mostly dance and sing in groups with encouraging lyrics and happy music (even it’s for a sad song. Weird? No, it actually kind of beautiful. You should listen to their song “Beautiful Days”). If you want to call them boyband, you’re not wrong but it will what they actually are, since they are much more than that.

They were like trained to be good entertainer, all kinds of it. Why I said that, because they all also do some variety show and game show (of their own). Sometimes they also actors for movies and J-Drama. And this happened not just because they are famous for being able to dance and sing (and good looking), but it’s kind of their job to do all of them. Being an idol. (If you’re into Japanese pop culture, you’ll just understand by being an idol).

Why they caught my attention? Well, actually I never really into J-Pop to begin with, I was more into J-Rock and manga soundtracks, but never more. So I never really know who Arashi is (and wasted so many years knowing anything about them). Until a friend give me Gantz Movie (he;s not even an Arashi fan). The movie starring Ninomiya Kazunari as lead role. And he caught my attention for his actings and I just want to know other movie that he’s in. I was dumbfounded when I found him to be the main cast with Ken Watanabe in  Letters from Iwo Jima, Hollywood Movie by Clint Eastwood. I watched that movie years ago, and I remember I was also caught by the role he played (but without having good internet connections that time, my infatuation just stops right there).

So, I did my homework, doing research on him and lately I found out thet he’s also in this Idol group called Arashi, he have this solo perfomance with piano in his concert. And also sing a ridiculous song with funny movement, but amusing enough to made me curious about them.

Lately I found that they are really have talent. Ohno Satoshi, the leader, is an artist (he paint and sculpts and make his own art exhibitions), Sho is a graduate students from Keio University and he’s also a newscaster in national TV, Aiba Masaki have his own show with animals (you hardly found an idol who willingly play with various animals, for example, lions and all, every week), and I think he gets more knowledgable about animals than most of normal idol. And all of this people can stil become one as Arashi because of Jun persitency to keep this group solid. He’s the Mr. Perfectionist for Arashi. I doubt if it’s not because of Jun they could be this big right now.

This big? What I mean about them being big? They are the national Idol for japan. Almost everyone ever heard of Arashi in Japan, their face is like everywhere. They’re the face of Japan when it comes to international tourism (the governement use them). They also the only group that held annual concert in the biggest concert venue in Japan. Tokyo Dome? No! Not that one! It’s the Kokuritsu! Tokyo Dome capacity only 55.000 people, meanwhile Kokuritsu capacity is 70.000 people.

But this garandiose is not what I makes me love them. Sure this also makes me proud to know such a group, but the real thing that makes me love them is their quirkiness and idiocy.

like this:

tumblr_m3qd05XDfI1rve1hqo1_500 tumblr_lmvuu6jjT31qekzeoo1_400

I think you’ll understand 🙂

(This is just my short blabbering about Arashi, I never get time to write this until now, and it’s a short one, just to make sure the unknown readers won’t be bored reading a very biased opinion)

All pics credits to owner (I forget where I take them, sorry >,< mostly from tumblr)