My Favorite Spot: #2 Banjarmasin-Pasar Lama

Before we hit anything, caution: poorly bad english! It’s a training to myself though…

Actually, instead of a favorite spot, I undoubtedly just  hate this place… At noon this place is very sunny, hot and full of motors pollution, traffic hazards and so on. But like Neil Gaiman said in his book ‘Good Omens’: “Enemy of course. But an enemy for six thousand years now which made him a sort of friend.”. It’s uncountable how many times I’ve passed through this place, and still counting.

This place review wasn’t written on purpose. I was told by my Dad to fix my auntie’s table clock, and she asked me to shorten her watch chain too. So, there I went off.

It was a veeeery boring day since I just take my day off from college. I’m trying to find something interesting, amusing, some activities. So I bring my pocket camera, wish I could get any interesting spots, or photos.

I went to Pasar Lama to fix both of the timepieces. This place located near South Borneo’s Governor’s office in Banjarmasin. I forget the exact cardinal of this place, so let’s make a link of place. 1st, go to Sabilal Muhtadin Mosque, then Governor’s office, at the same direction, just go forward, you will find Pasar Lama (I’m a very bad place reviewer…).

This place is very crowded with many kinds of merchants and retailers. What I’m looking now is clock mechanic. It wasn’t so hard to find one. I found him at the sidewalk of the highway, placing his stall bravely there. I asked him whether he could shortened the chain, and he said positive. I smile and handed him the watch also asked him to fix the clock.

While watching him fixing it, I thought it’s a good idea to fill my bored day with some writing stuffs, some review about place. Then I took my pocket camera and take some shots.

watch mechanic

Shortened the chain

About Pasar Lama, one thing that mostly remarkable of this place is how the parking areas organized. The parking areas are not in some particular place but on the highway side.

Parking Area

Parking Area on the Highway

This make the way narrower than it should be. Consequentially creates chaotic and problematic traffic. Jams happen so many times around here.

After some shot, I decide to get in on of the food stall near to drink or eat something just to feel the impression. I ordered tea and eat some snacks: doughnuts, cupcakes, egg rolls and it’s very cheap. Each cost only Rp1.000,00.


"Mewarung" Not a pretty delicious pic, eh? -_-"

He done with his works, then off for some shopping. A little shopping just to buy primary needs. Pasar Lama is not quite a market if compared with Pasar Hanyar or Sudimampir (big market center where you can buy scores of good clothes). But it provide the basic needs like raw foods, household furnitures, clothes, knickknacks. And it’s cheap (since I feel guilty to bargain anything in here).

This is the first look of Pasar Lama if we look it from the crossroads:

Perempatan Pasar Lama

Pasar Lama crossroad, from Pasar Lama View

facing the Merdeka bridge (sorry for making such a messy photograph, because not from the same point of view with the previous pic, it’s the contrary, if you understand what I mean):

1st look from crossroads

1st look from crossroads

Go forward, then look at the left (start from here, it’s the same point of view with the previous pic):

Left Side

Pic of Left Side from the Left Side

Shoe Man

Shoe-Man, ask me to take his pic

Right side:

Right side

Right Side from Left

A very huddle place isn’t it? But I wonder why people still go there, and insist on cross through the highway, like myself.

Then, the last pic: one of old stationery store around the crossroad at Pasar Lama. I used to bought my things there too sometimes, just to feel the ancient trace.

Stationery Store

Stationery Store, the owner is Chinese

Well, that’s all. Maybe I’ll fix this writing sooner or later.

Anyway, talking about Chinese, reminds me about my friend, Ipul, who always said like this to me when I can’t give him my answer sheet: Cina lalu nyawa ngeneh lawan jawaban!

Hmm, it’s Out of Topic…


My Favorite Spots: #1 Banjarbaru-Samping KFC

Hmmm, tinggal di Banjarbaru untuk sekian lama mau tidak mau membuat saya juga ikut menikmati suasana kotanya, yang kecil dan teratur. Hobi untuk menelusuri kota ini sebenarnya dimulai pas kelas 2 SMA, pas udah ngerti arti jalan-jalan yang sebenernya. Well, people usually thinks to explore other cities. When the case is me, then I have no other option than exploring my own city (no money, no authorization). Saya cukup pintar untuk membuat segala sesuatunya menarik ketika big picture terlihat biasa saja. Look at the details!

Mengeksplor ini di mulai ketika saya ngerasa udah cukup gemuk, jadi saya mulai jogging. Karena spirit olahraga berlebihan, saya memutuskan buat ke Lapangan Murjani (tempat orang biasa jogging) dengan lari aja sekalian. Lumayan loh padahal, dari rumah di Komplek Bharata ke Murjani.

Setelah jauh-jauh lari-jalan-lari-jalan ke Murjani, akhirnya tiba lah saya di depan lapanganmurjani yang, well, too crowded :(. Melihat ini, saya yang ngga suka banyak orang (mana sendirian lagi), akhirnya meneruskan jalan-jalan pagi saya (iya, udah bukan jogging lagi) sampai melewati lapangan Murjani, k jalan di sebelahnya, yakni jalan…. oke, lupa. Pokoknya jalannya itu ada di samping kirinya KFC Banjarbaru, di seberang pasar.

Ngga nyesel ngga ngeceng di Murjani, soalnya di sepanjang jalan itu, bagus banget pemandangannya. Bersih dan hijau, sepi lagi. Pepohonannya rindang, gede-gede, jalnnya juga mulus, ga ada rusaknya. Udaranya juga segar di situ,rasanya sejuk. Asli, mirip banget kayak di film-film eropa gitu!

My fav, here’s the pic:
Samping KFC

Sebelum sampai situ, di depannya:
Pohon Gede

Dan sedikit jepretan asal:
The Walking Old-Stranger

There! Paling bagus loh buat galau pagi-pagi 😀