About Me and Spaceship

Yess, I know some people would say that : “You should stop talking rubbish,” or “Grow up, Na! You;re almost twenty,”. But I honestly want to tell anyone that I;m this unchanging child who still belive that one day we will be able to do space travel.

In spaceship.

And I believe that quantum physics will someday wouldn’t be just unproven theory, that it will actually bring us to somewhere more exciting than this going to opportunist world (with economy, business and all).

I believe, that’s the future.

And spaceship and interplanet trip and al things you only see in sci-fi movie would be real, with magnificent development of technology that would help us all.

This is not solely about the spaceship. it’s about how humanity will evolve with higher technology. Spaceship just one icon that I took to represent the dream.

Yes, you can call me crazy, or childish, or stupid.

But I choose to believe in this.

And someday, spaceship would be as real as plane, and scientist won’t be those people whom you said: no future. When the day comes, don’t apologize to me. I forgive you all 🙂


My Own Spacehip

Lately I’ve been watching this beautiful and veeery cool series, titled: Firefly. The story is about 9 people that live in a spaceship named Serenity as ‘smuggler’ (but sometimes they do the honest job too). Each person with different personalities and past and it’s all very intriguing but all the fun must stop because FOX canceled that series 😦

Okay, let’s go straight to the main topic: Spaceship. What’s so different about a spaceship? what’s so fascinating about it? Some people might say that my admiration for it simply because I watched too much sci-fi movies (I admit that could be true, but let’s exclude that). But it does fascinating, right?

My imagination about a spaceship is always about this big high-tech vehicle that could bring other smaller vehicles (shuttles, or robots, if we refer to GUNDAM). There are crews, and one captain who’s on charge of the whole life in that spaceship. Simply, you can say that it’s a temporary home. Or for some people, maybe it actually ‘a home’.

A spaceship in space is somehow impressive for me, because in space you are alone. Only inside that spaceship you could live, and roam to other planets, or satelites, or maybe even away for intergalaxy trip, as a human being with bond to each other (remember that inter-planet trip could take very long time, even with wrap feature on the spaceship).

This bond, somehow makes spaceship very romantic, in every sense of sci-fi aspects. To live inside it, inside a strong-big-heavy metal space vehicle that look cold outside, but ther could be possibly a warmness of human interaction inside.

At least, if I’m going to live in a spaceship, that’s the kind of spaceship that I wanted to live in: warm people/crew/hithikers. Anyone inside it.

Maybe my spaceship wouldn’t be very big nor beautiful, but I want it to be fast, stealthy, and  strong enough (with sufficent supplies of weapons and stuffs) for my adventure in outerspace. And don’t forget, with shuttles (I’m not really into GUNDAM robot I guess).

And yes, the name! I love every name of spaceship. They always sounds mighty. Like: Archangel, Minerva, Serenity, (yes I know I lack of the reference here). If I’m going to a have a spaceship, i might wasting my time for days just to find the appropriate name for my spaceship.

But if I’m about to decide it now, maybe I will call my spaceship: Athena.