Banjar-ish Bahasa Indonesia

Actually I realized that lately it’s easier to me to find time for writing over unimportant things.I think it’s just me looking for excuses to procrastinate on doing things that I should be doing instead: university application, learning IELTS and GRE, writing post about #BPRI.

But still, suka suka gue laaaah. hahaha! (Warning: Do not do this at home).

So, tonight I met 2 friends, Haihai and a Novita (her family, we just met). I We talked quite a lot. Mostly about my scholarship. Both of them familiar and fluent with English, and I think they talk to each other with Bahasa Indonesia. But they are Banjarese.

As for me, I kinda enjoy talking in Bahasa Banjar. It makes me feel humble and down to earth(I think it is the adjective word that becomes obsession for my self image). Ppppffftttt….. ke laut aja lo.

I talked funnily with them. I realized that they tend to talk in Bahasa Indonesia and English, but I replied them with Bahasa Banjar/Indonesia/English.

Time passed just with me talking for a very long time. In the middle of the conversation, I think my consciousness knocking over my linguistic part of my brain and telling myself that: hey! Banjarese accent could be used to talk in Bahasa Indonesia.

I was talking like this: jadi kan,// saat kami ke desa,// kami harus pakai masker tu nah, // supaya nggak kemasukan debu.

Okay, if you are Banjarese, you might probably thinking that the above talk is quite funny.

But then I think this is how to use Banjarese particle in Bahasa Indonesia (+accent). With funny accentuation in several words, we might someday develop banjar-ish Bahasa Indonesia.

Why is this important?

This is important because we need to state our presence in Indonesian people. So Indonesian won;t only talk about Dayak when they talk about Borneo. Borneo has Banjar too. Bunch of funny people who speak loudly with veeery distinctive accent that others can’t imitate.


because I said so.


Written by a girl who is procrastinating her bedtime.


2 thoughts on “Banjar-ish Bahasa Indonesia

  1. lisa says:

    hello . im lisa .. im from banjar as well .. hehe but im learning english right now . nice blog anyway … nice to meet u😀

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