Fiction Writers and what Makes them Amazing

I am a grad students with many assignments — not that many but I like to see it from the bright side — that force me to read articles and books before write anything. I have to put citations an referring to certain writing to strengthen my idea, to prove my view on the worlds. But for fiction writer, this cycle is different.

They write about the(ir) world and everything inside. It would be filled with a lot of phenomenons. Some of them come from observation to the world, some of them from self research (without the need to make citation), or even tacitly gained knowledge. They tailored them to suit their imaginations.

Some good writer capture those phenomenon strikingly similar to our perception of the world in front of us or in our head. From romantic, politic to science fiction. The more relate-able story to us, the more chance that we like those stories. Writers able to capture their realities and projecting it to a writing piece. Basically, that’s what interpreter in social research do, but less literary and more strict with methods. And maybe, that’s also, how we see how ‘good’ a fiction writer is.

To be frank, we’re still trying to figure out our reality even until now. We rarely read journals of all the stuffs happening in the world to make sure our realities is the same with others. But to have it composed in a single book (or many volumes that we cannot stop reading), is like being assured that someone else is seeing the same world. That we are not alone. Though we rarely realize that.

And when things is not going right in a fiction, two things:everyone have their own realities to see what is ‘going right or not’, and, it’s a fiction.

And in that way, fiction writer are just amazing.