Writers’ Hand, God Hand

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” This is what Amy said at her wedding when she tried to remember the Doctor and brought him to reality after he vanished and rebooting the earth.

This post is that this writing wasn’t triggered by Doctor Who episode, but a blog review about Bond’s latest movie: Skyfall. The writer, @newsplatter used the catchphrase (was it a catchphrase? idk) as his title for his Skyfall review: Something old, something new, something…. Bond?

While I read the review, so many connecting lines appear in my head between James Bond and Doctor Who: Both series from UK, they’ve been around more than 20-30 years, legendary characters. A lot in common, but one similarity that I want to point out in this post is about important changes in plot.

The plot thickens, so people said. They didn’t talking about the plot, actually. Unlike me, now.

After eleven reincarnation, Doctor Who finally had the best, most glorious story in his life. One line from his wife, River Song was: “It is the darkest hour of the Doctor. He‘ll rise higher than ever before and then fall so much further.” In this story, the writer pictured him as the Doctor who grew so bigger than ever after years of adventures, wars and fights. That behind his silly smile under the fez, he could be a frightening man when it comes to disturbance or threats to people he loved. The story no longer about alien/invasion of the week or merely a wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuffs, but there were ‘arc’, bigger plot in each season that made the audience thinking seriously on the story (I thank Steven Moffats for that).

James Bond too. In Skyfall, we watched about Bond being human. The villain’s motives become more powerful and deeper than before. Personal motive. Something that old bond don’t really get much. We also has new Q (Cute Q! Love him!) with much too simple gadget, a microradio. Old days, we had exploding pen and awesome-yet- not-so-impossible-but-somehow-I-think-now-will-be-silly cars. No more advanced techno James! You can do everything on your own and MI6 kinda short on budget! Also, at the end of the story M died. Big change in the story. Never thought it could happened, but it happened anyway. All thank to the writer too of course.

The thing with old running series is that the writers come and go to the point fanboy/fangirl become the writer them self in the end. Writers now realized that they are basically god. And these gods changes things. Canon things and this happened mostly now, in this era. It always controversial when the writer decided to change, erase or explain the canon stuff. Some old fans can’t deal with the change if the writer couldn’t provide logical explanation + eternal bashing (critics, review).

Because of this, writer tend to be more serious in story building. They tried to write the story realistically (at least in their universe), scientifically approved, and with lots of humanity values. There was this time when batman movie were so silly. But now we have Nolan with his grim script in Dark Knight Trilogy. And the best fan-but-professional writer script is Neil Gaiman’s The Doctor’s Wife in Doctor Who. It is not a secret that his all time favorite series since he was a kid is Doctor Who and he had been dreaming to write its script since forever.

Not all good things happened. We can look at Supernatural series that used to be so epic. Then, rating happened. The series according to Kripke should have ended in season 5, but it was forced to go on. Kripke’s arc ended, he quit and it becomes Sera Gamble fan fiction arc era with weak foundation for a long running series. She sacrificed Castiel to as a villain 😦 So many fans complaints about it.

And this gets bigger. They realized that its them who run the show, so everything is up to them. Including making major changes that will later be praised by everyone or regretted by later writer and fans for ruining a good franchise. Like killing M, Mighty Warrior Who, less adorable and too dreamy Castiel and The So Serious Batman.

Is it good? Do we really want our beloved long running series to be change by them or it’s best as what it is before? For me as long as it logical I won’t mind. But if it’s not necessary, I don’t think it should be changed.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who so I will write more example from that series. The River Song case for example, old fans knew that she always the doctor’s wife but never any explanation about that until the Tenth Doctor. Moffat took his charge for the Eleventh Doctor and voila, we get background stories about Doctor’s future wife in the whole season 6 arc. PLUS we also get bonus from Gaiman about the soul of the TARDIS in The Doctor’s Wife (still in the same season).

My comment: I prefer TARDIS as Doctor’s wife. It’s always the two of them, mad man with a box, stolen box that now we knew stole the the Doctor too (I want to see the universe, so I steal a Time Lord, TARDIS said). What fans knew for the past decades is: The Doctor stole the TARDIS (muttering that he only borrowed it to avoid any guilty feeling on his crime). The hanging sensation about that crime relieved now after this episode came to the show. The TARDIS stole the doctor and don’t have any intention in returning him. So, basically perfect couple!

While at the same time, we also knew that River song already in the shows too since god knows when. But then the connection turned out to be not so strong between Doctor and River. It was a haste marriage in the middle of disintegrating time before the doctor’s fixed point of death.

I can’t catch any sign of love or affection from the Doctor to River. It is River who fall head over heel to the Doctor, just like the rest of us, and I still can’t understand why she become the one that deserve Doctor’s extra attention? I will blow up the universe just to be Doctor’s wife you know, the same thing River did. Why not me? Because she’s his companions’ lost daughter whom accidentally a Time Lord and abducted because of him? That’s not enough extra fun fact to begin a marriage life!

That is one kind of complain and praise that could happened. This doesn’t really happened to book adaptation series.The basic rule is set by the original book writer then scriptwriter. Scriptwriter must agree with the rule or he’d be making a whole new story. Game of Thrones, for example. Until season 3 it was solely based on the book but at season 4 has TV version with major probability of plot changes. Many believe that this change is excusable.

The writer decide now, whether to turn a canon as a big success or a lifetime failure. As fan, we only hope that our shows in the best hands.


Berjibaku dengan Proses Pendaftaran Beasiswa Presiden Republik Indonesia nya LPDP (Part 1 of maybe 2)


Akhirnya, setelah satu bulan sejak Pelatihan Kepemimpinan selesai, aku bisa bikin tulisan tentang BPRI nya LPDP. Sudah lama banget pengen nulis ini, tapi tertunda terus, mulai dari yang wajib nya (kerjaan, persiapan tes) sampai yang makruhnya (nonton film, baca buku de el el). But here we are now.

Beberapa teman banyak yang nanya tentang ‘gimana sih caranya biar bisa lulus?’ Honestly guys, I don’t know . It’s all His works, I’m only doing my part and the rest is His decision. Yang bisa aku bagi cuma pengalamanku ketika melalui setiap tahapan seleksi, but just so anyone who read remember: I don’t think I know the ultimate answer for the question.

Now, let’s begin. Semuanya di mulai di bulan Agustus, tanggal 17 Agustus, ketika aku mengirimkan berkas aplikasi ke website LPDP. Saat itu sebagai pendaftaran aku memiliki 2 opsi, mendaftar sebagai peserta BPI atau mengikutkan diri dalam seleksi BPRI. Karena dorongan dari Abah, akhirnya aku memilih untuk mengikutkan diri dalam seleksi BPRI.

Berbeda dengan seleksi BPI yang terdiri atas 2 tahapan, seleksi BPRI terdiri atas 3 tahap: Seleksi Administrasi, Seleksi Wawancara dan menulis esai, dan Seleksi Tahap Akhir (Medical Check Up, Profiling Assessment Test dan Leadership Project).

1. Seleksi Administrasi
Seleksi administrasi merupakan seleksi pertama yang harus dilalui. Pertama, register dulu di website LPDP. Setelah terdaftar di situs, baru isi formulir online. selain itu juga ada sejumlah berkas yang harus disediakan untuk mendaftar.

  1. Ijazah;
  2. Sertifikat;
  3. Rencana Studi;
  4. Sertifikat bahasa (mis. TOEFL, IELTS);
  5. Surat Pernyataan
  6. Surat Izin Belajar
    Aku nggak upload ini karena sekarang masih freelancer.
  7. Surat Rekomendasi
    Paling mudah dari dosen. Kalau mau dari Walikota/Gubernur, kayaknya juga boleh. Atau tokoh lain yang ahli di bidangnya.
  8. LoA (Letter of Acceptance) dari Universitas
    Aku juga nggak upload ini karena kemaren belum ada. Berdasarkan pengalaman awardee yang lain, lebih baik mendaftar di universitasnya jangan yang cepet berangkat, takutnya proses seleksi belum selesai tapi perkuliahan sudah dimulai. Dalam kasus seperti itu, biasanya mereka gugur karena udah nggak keburu.
  9. KTP
  10. 4 Judul Esai.

Dari semua berkas persyaratan ini, teman2 aku banyak yang ngerasa bagian yang susah tuh di esai. Esai yang diminta untuk BPI hanya 2: Peranku untuk Indonesia dan Sukses Terbesar dalam Hidupku. Tapi kalo mau diikutkan ke BPRI, maka esai nya nambah dua (alamak!) Rencana Karir dan Pengabdian Setelah Studi.

Esaiku tentang ‘Peranku untuk Indonesia’ isinya adalah cerita pas masihh PPL (praktek lapangannya calon guru). Sukses Terbesar dalam Hidupku isinya adalah tentang masa depan (karena aku menganggap sampai sekarang masih belum sukses, jadi saat ini sedang berupaya untuk mendaki tangga kesuksesan itu).

Setelah semua berkas komplit, baru deh di submit. Tinggal tunggu pengumuman hasil seleksi.

2. Seleksi Wawancara (dan menulis esai super kilat)
Seleksi wawancara adalah seleksi selanjutnya setelah calon dinyatakan lolos seleksi administrasi. Kalau nggak salah, pengumuman kelulusan tanggal 21, tanggal 28 September tes wawancara. Pas tes harus bawa berkas-berkas (di jelasin dalam email dari LPDP).

Sebelum wawancara, kami disuruh untuk nulis esai super kilat. Se kilat apa? Jadi kami cuma punya waktu kurang lebih 15 menit buat baca suatu wacana di satu lembar HVS, dan mengomentarinya. Dilakukan 2 kali berturut-turut. Wacana pertama adalah tentang Sistem Pendidikan di Indonesia, sedangkan wacana kedua tentang Sistem Pemilihan Umum. Peserta diminta berandai-andai menjabat sebagai menteri dan memberikan solusi yang dapat diimplementasikan untuk memperbaiki kondisi yang ada. Asik banget sih, tapi diburu waktu juga. Pertanyaannya asik dan nantangin, salah satunya bunyinya kira-kira kayak gini: Jika anda menjadi menteri pendidikan, apa langkah pertama anda  (amiiiin!!). 5 menit untuk baca wacana, dan 5 menit untuk nulis esai.

Seleksi wawancara dilakukan dalam waktu kurang lebih 45 menit per orang. Peserta seleksi wawancara akan berhadapan dengan 3 orang reviewer yang terdiri atas 2 orang akademisi dan sat orang psikolog (akademisi juga sih sebenernya). Saat seleksi wawancara peserta akan ditanyai tentang hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan studi dan beberapa hal yang sifatnya personal.

Seleksi wawancara itu kayak untung-untungan. Kalo lagi beruntung dapat reviewer yang baik, senyum, dan nggak intimidatif (ada juga yang suka nebak-nebak tentang fun fact nya kita), tapi ada juga yang bisa ketemu dengan yang nyeremin, intimidatif, dan mungkin udah capek/bosan nge review.

Kemarin alhamdulillah dapat yang sedang sedang saja :D. Dua ibu-ibu, dan 1 bapak. Setelah mereka nanya tentang nama dan asal mana/domisili, mereka langsung to the point aja tuh nanyain tentang studi. Kenapa mau sekolah di sana? Kelebihan univ nya apa? Gimana studi itu bakal bantu karir? Penelitiannya mau apa? Itu semua sudah ada dalam Rencana Studi (mereka jadikan itu sebagai acuan).

Esainya juga ditanyain, kemarin yang banyak mereka eksplor di bagian rencana karir dan pengabdian setelah lulus. Gimana cara meraih hal-hal tersebut. Satu hal yang saya ingat,kata-kata Bu Ratna pas PK yang mungkin bisa menjelaskan gimana cara melalui part ini adalah: “Kami (LPDP) ingin membedakan antara pemimpi dan pemimpin.”.

Mereka juga nanya tentang sikap kalo ditawarin kerja di luar negeri (Aku apply Master of Teaching di University of Melbourne). Ya aku jawab aja nggak mau, soalnya mau balik ke sini, punya janji sama senior (kak Noviar) dan dosen. Terus tambah nanya/ngorek, misalnya, gimana kalo gaji nya tinggi, atau kan masih bisa berkontribusi ke negara juga walaupun di luar negeri, atau gimana kalau ternyata malah betah tinggal di sana. Yah, to be honest, aku ngga tertarik tinggal lama-lama di negeri orang sih (walaupun suka jalan-jalan ke sana), jadi aku bilang aja nggak, soalnya enakan di sini (I mean, how can I leave nasi kuning, lontong segitiga, lupis dkk).

Habis itu, esai kilat yang dibikin sebelumnya juga jadi bahan pertanyaan mereka, misalnya mereka nggak ngerti dengan beberapa poin, mereka langsung nanyain “untuk bidang pilkada ini kami masih belum bisa menangkap apa maksud/inti kamu, bisa dijelaskan?”

Mereka juga nanyain gimana kalau ntar homesick, atau nggak bisa adaptasi di sana. Tapi menurut aku pertanyaan paling ‘wah’ di hal personal itu, ini: ‘kelemahan kamu apa?’. Mereka nanyanya casual aja, tapi itu penting (kayaknya). Aku jawab aja sejujur-jujurnya: Saya susah dekat sama orang baru.

Wawancara nya sersan (serius tapi santai), entah karena reviewernya atau karena jawabanku yang makin ke sini makin nggak formal. Ketika pertanyaan yang berhubungan dengan esai habis, diganti dengan pertanyaan yang agak personal, entah kenapa aku jadi kayak anak SMA yang lagi curhat sama guru BK nya (aku bahkan main-mainin jari di meja antara aku dan reviewer). Let’s say, I unconsciously  became childish when interviewed by them.

I wasn’t really confident, though. Aku ngerasa banyak lubang-lubang kegagalan dalam wawancara, but that’s the best I could do.  Aku kira aku bakal gagal. Sama sekali nggak nyangka bahwa beberapa waktu kemudian, pemberitahuan kelulusan bakal masuk ke email. Tepatnya 26 September 2014.

Eits, bukan lulus dan udah dapet beasiswa, tapi masih harus melanjutkan ke Seleksi Tahap Akhir yang dilaksanakan tanggal 30 September 2014. Kaget banget, di hati dan di dompet :’). Soalnya seleski ini berlokasi di IPSC Bogor, sedangkan aku berdomisili di Kalimantan Selatan. STA dilaksanakan selama 4 hari, dan pengumuman kelulusan dilakukan 3 hari kemudian.

So, I prepared myself for next thing that I were going to face, with faith and du’a from families. Bismillah.

Books and How Should I Face this Vast World

I always regret times that I couldn’t spend to read a book. It’s as if I lost something so important that should be mine. I always try to comfort myself by telling myself that lately I’ve been too busy.

But it should never gone like that. I should read every time I could. I really love Neil Gaiman who always have time to remind us all that it is important to read your book. Books. It’s piled up in my room now, untouched, because of unreasonable reason (what? busy is the worst excuse ever!).

That’s why now, I think I should take a bath and read Michio Kaku’s book and considering reading Discworld series that I failed to read months ago.

Why the Kelapa Muda but not the Time Travel?

After a while absorbed in the world of time-space travel with both scientific explanation and fiction, I come to realize about one important thing as an Indonesian. Why don’t we have any story about time travel?

Some other parts of the world might have coconut trees growing at their backyards, but none of them invented Kelapa Muda drink but Indonesian. That a positive side I think. Oh, and the avocado juice, only Indonesian (other part of the world, the Japanese for example, they eat it with shoyu, yuck, sorry Arashi). We’re being so creative on things like that, especially food. But time travel is another thing. The most powerful creature in Indonesian myth could travel the dimension, but never I heard/read about any creature/human being who could bend time like the western character/story did.

It was from a friend of mine, Ita, that I know about the westerns doesn’t have extraordinary legend  like us the eastern. Lord of the Rings book is a presentation of J.R.R Tolkien’s envy on Mahabarata story. A story that is so full packed and perfect that he tried to match with. It is one of the best selling book, and its movie franchise also in the box office list. But still, it is not Mahabarata match when it comes to the story.

In most Indonesians legends and tales, it is normal for someone with supernatural power could travel to other dimension. Like Putri Junjung Buih who can travel from spirit world from bubbles of fresh water. But this kind of power wasn’t really exist in western culture until I saw Insidious, which is become one of a very success horror movie (we have tons movies like that in Indonesia, so bored about it to the level that the producer decide to put sexy women in it as if it’s a comedy movies).

And now here we are, watching about time-space travel from western pop-culture. Awed with its complexity and wonder, regardless it has heavy science stuff or just a simple wonderful story. Why didn’t we nailed it? The fact that our fiction still evolved in romance story without any excellent remark on exploring the beauty of universe baffled me. So far, the best kind of story involved the wonder of the universe is achieved by Supernova series by Dee (fortunately), but I really think there should be more, with our history that has epic stories, why won’t we create things explorative about our universe (maybe I expect this from Nusantaranger, would it be possible, eh?)

I think I should take my pen and do something to change this.

My Raggedy Doctor

So, because no The Flash episode for this week, I’ trying to watch this legendary series title: Doctor Who. Once, 2 years ago, I watched the franchiseand I don’t think I like it quite well. So I stopped at the first episode (now I know it’s the 9th Doctor). But now, everything takes U turn. Doctor Who is the best Sci-Fi Series ever!

I watched Doctor Who season 5 from a friend, Anita. I didn’t have time watch it until 1 month later because I have nothing to watch. And then surprise SURPRISE. I found my Raggedy Doctor with Amelia Pond, the girl who waited. Later, I also met Doctor’s wife and the best gentleman ever: Rory Williams a.k.a The Last Centurion.

Season 5 of Doctor Who is the first season for the new Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor with Matt Smith as cast. TARDIS, his time machine, abbreviation/stand for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, out of control because it’s still fixing and land at Amelia/Amy (Karen Gillan) backyard. And that’s when all the story/problem mystery began. You should watch. But in instance, here is what this show about:

1. It’s about time-space travel (for me this description means 10 normal description)
11. it’s science fiction but not a hard sci-fi series (just like Gaiman said),
13. the script is brilliant and mind blowing written by mostly Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis (who also write script for Sherlock BBC series), it has the best twist.
14. You’ll meet awesome character, The Doctor: he is the hero, bit inhuman because sometimes he lacks of human’s skill (like Castiel but a lot smarter because he’s been around for 907 years as a Time Lord with electrical devices).
15. The show is humorous but can be serious and scary at the same time (because of many kinds scary of alien <and earthliens> in it).
16. Romantic. Thanks to Rory and Amy for the Last Centurion and Pandorica Story. (Remember, I only watch Season 5, so i don’t know what happened in David Tenant/The Tenth Doctor  Series).

I don’t think I write it all, but that’s it for now.

This is the actors and actress in the series, start from the girl Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, Matt Smith as The Doctor, and Arthur Darvill as Rory, Amy’s Husband.

Matt, Karen, David

And here they are as their cast

The Doctor

the doctor


Amy Standing in front of the TARDIS (I really want a sticker written: My Other car is A TARDIS instead of a Camaro, but then again, where is my car?)

Amy Pond

Amy and Rory

Amy and Rory


Yeah, I know Rory doesn’t look convincing. But he is what all woman want for. Not a prince charming but he is the Last Centurion who waited for almost 2000 years for his love. Just watch, believe me. I was head over heels to the Doctor back then, but now I just want Rory so much. where I can buy a guy like him. JUST WATCH!

Oh, and bonus! I got from Pinterest.

2000 years


My View of the World

Some people may think that it’s kinda of weird (or, stupid?) that I almost always tend to believe in things that FOR THEM can’t be true. It might be just a joke someone throw at me, but actually I think that joke impossibilities could be possible. But then they just laugh.

Is it my view that know no boundaries about what could and couldn’t happened? Or is it them too closed for any unusual sequences of events?

I should never let this traits to be exterminated by others’ opinion. After things that I’ve been through before in being my self and inventing myself, this is what I consider to be good for me to keep. And to maintain my mind as intact as normal human, I will try to sharpen my eliminating skill. What’s the phrase, err…. Occham’s Razor?  Yep, I will sharpen my razor, so in spite of believing the impossible I will try to keep it as logic as possible.

Above all things that I believe, from the most stupid, craziest things in the world, I’ll note this two as my favorite example other than a grandma could have another offspring (yes, it is possible, most people can’t believe this because they don’t know the science): I still believe in Aliens, and Multiverses.

Come on! It is possible!

Love, from Triune Brain Perspective

Before I started my writing (and you reading this), please bear in mind that I am trying my best to analyze this with self taught psychology theorems (I read books and journals). So, if anyone feel that this writing is wrong somewhere in the middle, please feel free to correct me.

For years scientists from many branches of science trying to reveal what actually love is. What drives human to choose someone to be loved. Neuroscience, psychology believe that this decision comes from our brain.

There are several words for someone who is loved: mate, lover, companion, significant other. I never ceased to wonder that there might be something behind these terms. As someone who learn about Biology and Education (which is one branch of applied psychology) brain division might able to shed some light to this (aside from semantic, of course).

Scientist divides Human brain into 3 parts: Reptilian Brain, Limbic System, and Neo-cortex. It is believed that each of them responsible for particular activities in human. And by that it might also see love from different point of view according to each brains’ specifications.

Reptilian brain responsible for Human’s vital activities related to survival. It includes regulation of sleeping, eating, marking territories, and of course, mating.

When it comes to mating, reptilian brains has its own specification for the right mate: the possibilities to produce offspring. In animal, such as crocodile, they might choose healthy female crocodile to be the mother of its offspring instead of the defective one. In human, men tend to choose woman who has promising future from her body shape, maybe hip size ratio (that unconsciously become indication for healthy woman who can produce offspring).

But we never saw affection, compassion between mother-snake to her child. Instead, we found it to other group of animals. It is normal to see a cat or goat feed on its child, or a chimp who take care of its child. This act of altruism showed in mammals. Researches suggest that this kind of feeling is controlled by the other parts of the brain that wasn’t found in reptiles (reptiles doesn’t show altruism). It is called the mammal brain or the limbic system.

The last part and the most advanced part of the brain is called the Neo-Cortex. It’s the biggest part of the human brain which controls cognitive ability, such as thinking, speculating and analyzing. This part of the brain is what makes humans and other animals different in many aspect of life. We never saw hamster discussed before they eat thing or bear make a hearing in congress about global warming.

While at some rare occasion human choose their partner by feelings–which I believe under limbic system responsibility– it is more often to see that humans tend to settle with someone based on calculated qualities and circumstances. For example: life prosperity, lineage, religions and other social-economic attributes  (at least in Indonesia). All that born from Neo-cortex activities.

Then in the end, doesn’t it make us wonder, what would make us real human when it comes to choosing mate/ lover/life partner? Which brain that we use when it comes to make this decision? To distinguish between brains and decision, I use these three words: 1) mate: reptile brain; 2) lover: mammal brain; 3) life partner: human brain.

1. Mate (reptile brain) : when the decision to settle based on physical qualities and possibility of healthy offspring. Sometimes it influence human unconsciously. For relationship that started from this condition, mostly people will said things like ‘love at the first sight’ etc.

2. Lover (mammal brain): when the decision to settle based on feelings. Romantically, people cannot explain their reason and simply say it as ‘indescribable’. Neurobiologically, scientist will explain about chemical reaction in nervous system that affects human emotional behavior.

3. Life Partner (human brain): when the decision to settle based on calculative speculation regarding social-economy aspects. Is this person economically prosper (or ‘rich’? :D)? Is this woman pious? She is the one because she’s also from Dayak family. Sometimes, not only one aspect, but many aspects or CRITERIAs. These kind of people sometimes labeled as being too logical, or worse, too opportunistic (because mostly people tend to choose things that best for their own benefit).

Well, which one is considered to be human enough? Which one is what we actually do? All choices has their own positive and negative aspects. After all these explanation, I disagree with people who blame others’ settlement decision backgrounds (example, someone who give advice or comments like ‘It is not to be think of, but to be feel,’ or, ‘you only fall for him because of physical appearance’). But if we look at brain development process, then to be human means to use Neo-cortex on settlement decision, since it is the most advanced brain than others. Not that I’m telling anyone it is the best way (and instrument) to settle down.

But not to ignore the reality, maybe people doesn’t only feel one brain activities. People might also feel process that involve all parts of brain. From many references and people experiences, there is also case like this: Let’s say, a man fall in love at the first sight, and after some times, physical appearance doesn’t matter/isn’t the reason anymore and he feels the ‘indescribable’ feelings (so much for Aladdin song) that makes him stay on the relationship longer. But the spark then dies. Some couple may break up because they couldn’t feel ‘it’ anymore. This due to brain build up resistance to repeated chemical stimuli. But some people finally use their neo-cortex to stay together. To be wise and thoughtful then continue their relationship as long as they could.

I don’t know what true love is, and I didn’t say that the example above is the one. But one thing that we can tell for sure that if someone actually come to this kind of relationship, then they used their brain fully.