01. Runaway Train

She was sitting beside the brown colored river at near the front of her house. She was strumming her guitar and mumbling some incoherent words for anyone who’d passed by. But there’s no one passed by. She’s not entirely alone though, there was grey cat near her. No one of them trying to notice each other. The woman was drown in his own thoughts. She didn’t focused her eyes anywhere, her eyes just wandered aimlessly.

She strummed her guitar again and again. Mumbling some words, which for her is a song of her heart. She didn’t need anyone to agree for her way of thinking about her song. She closed her eyes sometimes, and back to reality that’s so attached to her mind. Her research proposal.

Everyone in her class almost finish it. But she was like the most laziest person in the world, with stubborn principle. For that, she barely finished the proposal.

Time never waits, someone at the past said. She agree. But somehow, if time is a person, she would locked him (or her) inside his room and keep him/her for herself.

She opened her eyes, sang louder with more melody in it. She knew, playing guitar and singing bad song actually just her runaway train from her work. She knew, she had to do it now. Or there will be no later. She had to return to her first station and took the right train.


one more song, she said to herself.

And the guitar was strummed.