On Being in Scholarships Test and Procrastination, Here Comes Idea for a Fic

Waaarning : Bad english

Sooo, the big news iiiisss…

I passed the interview test for a scholarsip from my country! Thank God. I feel so happy now. Actually, I have to pass the last test (medical check up, psychological test and leadership project) if I am to get the scholarship. I’m still so nervous at the same time tho. Because, until now, I don’t have LoA from the university that I want. Errrrrr…..

Now, That I’m supposed to get it, I kind of postponed the task in acquiring it and doing what I do best: procrastination!!! I hate it! But then I’m not ready to do anything yet. It’s still overwhelming and scary. I don’t know what should I say, write, do in order to get the LoA. It’s as if I lose my logical thinking to do anything scholar at all.

(by this passage I need to remind myself again about what Lemony Snicket said on waiting: If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives)

The problem is that the university that I want to attend already closed its application submission. And at the same time, I’m still unable to upload my translated transcript because of super slowww beurocracy in my faculty (Yes, FKIP Universitas Lambung Mangkurat, I mean YOU GUYS).

So, I have to make some correspondency to the University about this, hoping that they may take my case and consider any possible late submission from me.

I already write the mail tho, but I’m not sure that it will work just fine. I need some english expert to review the mail again. I mean, I don’t want it to be like just a half assed mail sent by stupid college student from Indonesia. At least it must be like a proper mail written by stupid college student from Indonesia.

(If anyone read this and willing to help, please contact me via twitter @sauqina, yes?)

There. I should end my almost too cocky post about this almost scholarship event here and continue it to my procrastination subject. Arashi! Of course! They held International concert in Hawaii (Arashi Blast in Hawaii) and I’m only found out so late that I can only curse myself for spending my scholarship money for nothing (and also curse myself for time I spent to lament on Maulani which is not fairly equal to anything good at all, so bad until I missed the very good news that could get me  to my no.1 love in my life, my Arashi boys) . Let’s say, the last two days I spent to watch their latest concerts available in DVD (LOVE and ARAFES 2013 respectively) and tweeting about Hawaii con. Congratulation for your 15th debut day Arashi. We will always here supporting you.

And by night, I watched Maleficent with my sister. While watching it, I was wondering then, why always, prince and princess tend to fall in love at first sight or something similar to physical appearance attraction to smoothen the story (and make the audience accept the relationship faster). Is there any story about ugly prince that not any princess want to marry them despite him being a prince and has kingdom?

Sooo, I decided to write a fic about Arashi. The ugly prince should be Nino, of course (I can’t imagine others to take such a gloomy role instead of him). So, he will be the ugly prince no one wants to marry despite his super big kingdom.

Now, 30 seconds ago I still want this story to be a straight story without any inside group pairing. Bu I ruin it just now. Let’s do genderswitch. It must be Aiba who will be the princess. Spoilt princess like Marie Antoinette maybe. He love Sho kun of course, but she must marry Nino. Hooowwww???

There will be Ohchan too, the princess who already refuse Nino. But at the middle of the story, she will started to like him, despite his ugly face. Matsujun, will be Nino’s advisor in kingdom.

Genre: PG-13, Genderswitch, AU

I know if fans know this they will hate me for making Nino the ugly prince. But, it’s just a role, okaaay? Don’t you remember how bad his hair in Ooku? Just think that this is one of his dorama where he shouldn’t be that cool, kawaii and age defying (and remember that he doesn’t do much body building activities, so I think it’s justifiable, yes? :p Should I say that my Ichiban is indeed our beloved Neen? >o<)

I will take time to write this properly, since I always failed to write long fic and always turn it to drabble instead. I hope this won’t get in the way for my scholarship.

For now, this is it 😀