Dr. Nancy Wayne

There are periods in our lives where it seems that every time we roll out of bed, we need to gird ourselves for battle. Battle at work, battle at home, battle on the freeways, battle at the grocery store. But let’s face it, not every potential fight is worth engaging in. It’s not always easy to determine when to throw yourself into the fray, and when to back off and let the (perceived) problem slide.

Perlmutter (2010) suggests a series of questions to ask yourself before engaging in battle.

  • Who is in the right? Step back and think about your antagonist’s and your motivations
  • What is the best possible timing of your response? Does this require an immediate response or should you mull over your strategy?
  • Who will be your allies in battle? Why should they come to your aid?
  • Do you know the power and allies of your antagonist?

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