Twentysomething’s Anxiety

It was Jamie Cullum’s song, Twentysomething, that I used to hum often, but only recently understand by heart. The lyric is something like this: The world turned out to be a place that doesn’t really need scholars, so I’ll just go with the flow of life while doing things that might be useful like, working, going to gym, fall in love and hang out at night. I feel it happening so much to us, the twentysomething, right now .

Some of my friends drown them self in work 7 to 3, or 9 to 5, 6 day a week. Barely there to engage in meetups with friends. Worrying about marriage deadline (Maybe I’ll just fall in love , that could solve all— Jamie Cullum). Some other keep busy posting selfies of their adventure in some mount in the middle of of the wilderness. Living their life, as they call it (maybe I’ll go travelling… finding myself, or, start a career — Jamie Cullum). There are also those friends who often hang out in fancy coffee shop until late night, discussing about life and career goals that they have not started yet.

Being twentysomething is tough. It is the phase of the life when we actually get inside to the society and surprised of what’s actually waiting in the real world. Start to live independently, making our own choices. Some of us might take haste decision in the process, while the others have not pick anything because of bewildered by choices they thought the have (because, I found that success is a a mutual thing, you choose the opportunity, the opportunity also must choose you).

As for me, I’m not yet actually living independently. I still live with my parents, currently preparing for my master degree almost right after I graduated from my undergraduate study. Wishing that maybe after another year of study I’ll get a bigger and better opportunity in work. Planning on saving some scholarship money for future entrepreneurship and social project. Hoping to meet a soulmate in the process. Make a good living, not a dull living. Still going out, taking care things, creating things, hopefully making a world a better place (I’m a teacher, that spot’s primary obligation).

You see, I’m a twentysomething! Plans and dreams!


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