Why the Kelapa Muda but not the Time Travel?

After a while absorbed in the world of time-space travel with both scientific explanation and fiction, I come to realize about one important thing as an Indonesian. Why don’t we have any story about time travel?

Some other parts of the world might have coconut trees growing at their backyards, but none of them invented Kelapa Muda drink but Indonesian. That a positive side I think. Oh, and the avocado juice, only Indonesian (other part of the world, the Japanese for example, they eat it with shoyu, yuck, sorry Arashi). We’re being so creative on things like that, especially food. But time travel is another thing. The most powerful creature in Indonesian myth could travel the dimension, but never I heard/read about any creature/human being who could bend time like the western character/story did.

It was from a friend of mine, Ita, that I know about the westerns doesn’t have extraordinary legend  like us the eastern. Lord of the Rings book is a presentation of J.R.R Tolkien’s envy on Mahabarata story. A story that is so full packed and perfect that he tried to match with. It is one of the best selling book, and its movie franchise also in the box office list. But still, it is not Mahabarata match when it comes to the story.

In most Indonesians legends and tales, it is normal for someone with supernatural power could travel to other dimension. Like Putri Junjung Buih who can travel from spirit world from bubbles of fresh water. But this kind of power wasn’t really exist in western culture until I saw Insidious, which is become one of a very success horror movie (we have tons movies like that in Indonesia, so bored about it to the level that the producer decide to put sexy women in it as if it’s a comedy movies).

And now here we are, watching about time-space travel from western pop-culture. Awed with its complexity and wonder, regardless it has heavy science stuff or just a simple wonderful story. Why didn’t we nailed it? The fact that our fiction still evolved in romance story without any excellent remark on exploring the beauty of universe baffled me. So far, the best kind of story involved the wonder of the universe is achieved by Supernova series by Dee (fortunately), but I really think there should be more, with our history that has epic stories, why won’t we create things explorative about our universe (maybe I expect this from Nusantaranger, would it be possible, eh?)

I think I should take my pen and do something to change this.


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