My Raggedy Doctor

So, because no The Flash episode for this week, I’ trying to watch this legendary series title: Doctor Who. Once, 2 years ago, I watched the franchiseand I don’t think I like it quite well. So I stopped at the first episode (now I know it’s the 9th Doctor). But now, everything takes U turn. Doctor Who is the best Sci-Fi Series ever!

I watched Doctor Who season 5 from a friend, Anita. I didn’t have time watch it until 1 month later because I have nothing to watch. And then surprise SURPRISE. I found my Raggedy Doctor with Amelia Pond, the girl who waited. Later, I also met Doctor’s wife and the best gentleman ever: Rory Williams a.k.a The Last Centurion.

Season 5 of Doctor Who is the first season for the new Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor with Matt Smith as cast. TARDIS, his time machine, abbreviation/stand for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, out of control because it’s still fixing and land at Amelia/Amy (Karen Gillan) backyard. And that’s when all the story/problem mystery began. You should watch. But in instance, here is what this show about:

1. It’s about time-space travel (for me this description means 10 normal description)
11. it’s science fiction but not a hard sci-fi series (just like Gaiman said),
13. the script is brilliant and mind blowing written by mostly Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis (who also write script for Sherlock BBC series), it has the best twist.
14. You’ll meet awesome character, The Doctor: he is the hero, bit inhuman because sometimes he lacks of human’s skill (like Castiel but a lot smarter because he’s been around for 907 years as a Time Lord with electrical devices).
15. The show is humorous but can be serious and scary at the same time (because of many kinds scary of alien <and earthliens> in it).
16. Romantic. Thanks to Rory and Amy for the Last Centurion and Pandorica Story. (Remember, I only watch Season 5, so i don’t know what happened in David Tenant/The Tenth Doctor  Series).

I don’t think I write it all, but that’s it for now.

This is the actors and actress in the series, start from the girl Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, Matt Smith as The Doctor, and Arthur Darvill as Rory, Amy’s Husband.

Matt, Karen, David

And here they are as their cast

The Doctor

the doctor


Amy Standing in front of the TARDIS (I really want a sticker written: My Other car is A TARDIS instead of a Camaro, but then again, where is my car?)

Amy Pond

Amy and Rory

Amy and Rory


Yeah, I know Rory doesn’t look convincing. But he is what all woman want for. Not a prince charming but he is the Last Centurion who waited for almost 2000 years for his love. Just watch, believe me. I was head over heels to the Doctor back then, but now I just want Rory so much. where I can buy a guy like him. JUST WATCH!

Oh, and bonus! I got from Pinterest.

2000 years



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