My View of the World

Some people may think that it’s kinda of weird (or, stupid?) that I almost always tend to believe in things that FOR THEM can’t be true. It might be just a joke someone throw at me, but actually I think that joke impossibilities could be possible. But then they just laugh.

Is it my view that know no boundaries about what could and couldn’t happened? Or is it them too closed for any unusual sequences of events?

I should never let this traits to be exterminated by others’ opinion. After things that I’ve been through before in being my self and inventing myself, this is what I consider to be good for me to keep. And to maintain my mind as intact as normal human, I will try to sharpen my eliminating skill. What’s the phrase, err…. Occham’s Razor?  Yep, I will sharpen my razor, so in spite of believing the impossible I will try to keep it as logic as possible.

Above all things that I believe, from the most stupid, craziest things in the world, I’ll note this two as my favorite example other than a grandma could have another offspring (yes, it is possible, most people can’t believe this because they don’t know the science): I still believe in Aliens, and Multiverses.

Come on! It is possible!


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