The Flash, My New Superhero Crush! >_<

Sooo, it’s about the new series the CW make, adaptation fron The Flash comicbook, come a new series with the same title. It’s about Barry Allen, who get his superpower after some mishap at science center and get struck by lightning. Too brief? Well, let me explain it to you from series watcher point of view (I’m not reading the comic so far).

Barry Allen, hot, skinny, handsome, mid 20s, lovable, friend-zoned, nerd, bullied when he’s still a little boy, mother murdered by some kind of force, father accused for murdering her but actually never done it. One night, he got struck by lightning and 9 months later he’s fastest man alive. First inquries shows that he could run 300 miles/hour. but later it becomes faster and faster and…. (I don’t know, according to the comic he’d be able to time travel, but the series still in its 3rd episode and I’m currently only watching the 1st episode).

My comments: I love him and I want him more. This show is awesome!!! they also gives many mystery and somehints about what kind of show this going to be, some characters greyish role and all that. every element needed for a series to be fangirl at.

And at this time, if it’s not because his shirt that exactly the same with my boyfriends T-Shirt, I’ll shift from Peter Parker to Barry Allen, completely! (I’ll give him problem to imitate Allen since he only starred at 3 episodes). So it’s 50:50 for both Peter and Barry 🙂 His real name is Grant Gustin (stared at Glee previously).

Grant Gustin in Barry Allen nerdy suits (credit: Just Jared)

And it’s him in The Flash costume (Don’t really facy it tho, but to be fair, we don;t even see Andrew’s face in in Spidey costume either (yep, I think I fall for the pretty faces too, not only the story)

As the Flash (credit:

And this is Andrew Garfield a.k.a (for me only)  masnya

Andrew Garfield in Masnya’s suit (Credit: (It makes me think that mas nya do that in purpose, first, Andrew’s T-shirt and now same plaid shirt??? mind+heart=blown)

Oh yes, for more information, they also make the Flash as Arrow spin off so they kinda crossover the series like Gosho did with Conan/Shinichi and kaito Kid universe. Hope I’ll write about this more later. This series deserve full attention this season!

P.S: I’m not in the mood on putting any pictures you’ve seen the picture, and I will write about Reign later.


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