Me, My Friends and My Chemical Romance

It’s been so long since the last time I met my friends. A very particular friends, three girls, Sena, Olfah n Mudah. The Three of them plus me make a weird quartet back then at MTs, … old times, still sweet till now.

My Chemical Romance just come and sliped into our life like subliminal message. Sena is Linkin Park fan, and she was showing us the CD that she had. But not only Linkin Park, bute there are some other band in that CD. If I remember correctly, it was My Chemical Romance and Blink 182.

So, there we are. four of us gather at Olfah house just to watch the vids of Chester Bennington shouting beautifully and Mike Shinoda’s too fast rap session (and DJ Han’s cool DJ mixing). And after that, Olfah kind of trying to tell us that My chemical Romance at the next track is also a cool band too.

so we watched (in case you wondering why Mudah never have the scene, because she rarely made any scene at all except making some sharp retorts how retarted we were that time XD) My chemical Romance Video. It was Helena and I’m Not Okay.

For me, that was the best music video I’ve seen in my life. Helena is A rock song but the arrangement of the whole video is so dramatic and beautiful (and the song is too, very different and it excited me). At the other hand, I’m not Okay was very light music video, hillarious, and still, it’s a different rock song (that was very clear since we were watching Linkin Park right before that).

I fall in love with My chemical Romance. And started from there, I was a fan, and we’re not only watching Linkin Park but also My Chemical Romance too.

As friends, we used to sing together at trip going home. When it’s a linkin park song, I was taking Chester’s part and Sena takes Mike Shinoda’s part (Olfah and Mudah house is at other direction). Good old days… :’)

For My Chemical Romance song, I’m the only one who did the singing part because there’s no rap in it and Sena said that, no rap not cool, something like that.

But My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park was almost the band that I’m grow up with, with my friends too, where we all sing together (or just me and sena, because olfah was changing her reference into korean music reaaalyy early than some of nowadays fans <before DBSK even formed> and mudah, being mudah she;s just chill for every thing happen around us).

Sena still Linkin Park Fan until now even though he’s now really into DBSK, Olfah is so busy with her carreer now to even had a look into entertainment subject, Mudah is now married woman and we hardly meet her because it’s not really that easy anymore to do so (they always said that marriage is a graveyard, well, maybe something like that, but i’m not trying to impose anthing).

And as for me, I’m still MCR fan, eve though I really into Arashi now. But I still keep up with their activities. I even read Gerard’s comic books.

Until they devided to end MCR.

GOD!!!!! Really???!!! I never even see them for real!!!!

That time I was hardly meet my friend anymore, because of inability to control time and space. MCR’s decision somehow makes me remember those times again. I kind of miss them :’)


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