Believe me, I have more books at home. I'm not in my house, I'm in my grandma's house, so....

Believe me, I have more books at home. I’m not in my house, I’m in my grandma’s house, so….

I’m writing this because some conciousness come to my mind when I see beautiful pictures of books in my pinterest homepage. Some of them are not only just books but also quotations about books and bookworms. A beautiful one.

I’m not a massive book reader (see, my preference of words that I use is so low that it proves, also my grammars). But I do love books. There arte those times when I happily announce myself as a book worm but then other people look at me strangely.

It doesn’t stop me though.

but I believe numbers of books that I’ve read decrease since this words, came up form my mind:

You are not a bookworm, you just a fiction reader.

Well, that really disencourage me.

That time, I stopped read comic books and fantasy novels, in hope that I would start to read more serious books. But even though I did that, still I don’t read serious book.

then I fall in love to someone.

Then I forgot books.

Then I broke up.

Then I forget the enjoyment drowned inside a book.

I hate myself.

But now, I think I began to understand the real problem now.

I have to look for books that interest me. It’s not about reading fiction or not. Bookworm or not. But it’s about reading what you like. and from that, the preference will be widen by itself. If I started from fiction about alchemy, then finally I could read more excitedly about chemistry. Each books connected with other books.

So I stopped worrying about what people thought about me and my book genre.

And I start to read again 🙂

AH, and I want to add this. I just realize that I never talk with other people about books anymore, because nobody around me reading the same title or genre. Or more specifically, nobody reads.

I kind of sad, because there was this time where I could talk with frieds about the last Harry Potter books, or Detective Conan chapter. I don’t meet them anymore now.


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