02. Love Situation

He brushed his arms to her. It’s unknown whether it’s intentionally or on purpose. But she was anxious. Nobody could read anyone’s mind, but she liked to pretend like she did. Then, her mind playing her some tricks.

Why’d he did that? 

He’s so close

Did he realize that this distance is exceptionally too close?

Wait he did that again…

Now he’s humming,

No, he’s singing…..

Wait seriously?? 

This is very sweet if he’s really trying to tell me something

Should I do something too

I’m so anxious!

Nobody could read anyone’s mind. But her mind unconciously faked it to her, that, what she thought of him was true. She never wrong when reading about normal stuffs before, so there’s no special reason that this is not right.

She let her mind playing tricks in her head.

She’s really fond of magicians too, maybe that explains a lot.


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