What to Buy? Stupid, Long and Irrational Conversation of My Life

Being not so rich really means a thning for me. Not for its social aspect, but for the economic aspect of mylife itself. I;m not trying to brag about my money-managing ability since I’m quite a excessive/wasteful (I’m not sure this is the right word for ‘boros’) with my money. But You can say that at the same time, I’m stingy.

Other than for food and transportation, I think it’s really a problem to buy things on my own. Let’s say to buy some t-shirts. I definitely won’t buy it as easily as I buy mineral water when it comes to choosing it. I will have a loooooong thinking and debating in my head, about the garments, pictures, and especially price. Is it worth it?

I have a blue T-Shirts with Smurfette print, and I bought that for 60.000 or 80.000 Rupiahs. Usually, that’s the kind of T-shirt that I won’t buy. It’s already too expensive for me. The only thing that makes me bought it is Smurfette print that I won’t found anywhere with that kind of price (it’s a distro made, so it’s not official, yet the print has a good quality).

That’s how I’m being wasteful and at the same time being stingy. Maybe for most people, it’s just a normal way of thinking when it comes to buying things. But as for myself, i’m feeling grateful for this deficiency I have, bacause at least this makes me normal.

At the other times, I refuse to buy a best seller Book: Ken Follet’s World Without End. Because it comes in 2 volume, and each come in veery thick book (almost 4 times of normal Quran–that’s how I describe the thickness of the book). I refuse to bought it. Reason at that time: I don’t know whether the book is good enough or quite my genre. Also I haven’t read the first novel, Pillars of the Earth. I watched it tho, but I think it’s best for me to read that first.

Maybe that’s just my justification for NOT BUYING one of the most tempting book for my own standard. It cost more than 250.000 rupiahs. It’s already expensive for me. I can buy 500 meatbals with that.

So the next day I went to a book renter, and search for Pillars of The Earth. I found it! and surprise to me that the renting fee 20.000 Rupiahs (as I remembered, kind of hazy memory I have) for a week. You know what I do? I didn’t rent it. Reason: Too expensive. My justification: Why bother reading it when I already watched it. The story won’t change tho.

Maybe someday, or later, I’ll buy World Without End series DVD for 8.000.

That’s how my mind works towards money.

But I’m not trying to push that image, since I can be so stubborn too.

I refuse eating a complete lunch cost me 8.000 and 20 minutes later spent 10.000 for meatballs.

That’s where I’m being irrasional.


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