Hotel Oblivion, Finally!!!

I’m not really an amekomi fan (that’s how japanese call american comics, but I’m not japanese), but this one really grows in me: The Umbrella Academy. The series was created by Gerard Way. It’s been 2 title so far, and I’ve been waiting for the third one since 3 years ago.

That’s why I’m so surprised to know that there will be continuation of this series! Yeeaaayy!!!

The first series is Apocalypse suite, the second one is Dallas and the third would be Hotel Oblivion. From the way Gerard mention about the Hotel in this interview, it actually reminds me of the apartement in Kungfu Hustle.

I can’t wait for thi issue to come out. It’s been a long wait for this to happen. I was almost convinced that maybe this issue will never happen at all, but then I found the updates. Sooo happy!!

A little glimpse of the Hotel (taken from





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