About Me and Spaceship

Yess, I know some people would say that : “You should stop talking rubbish,” or “Grow up, Na! You;re almost twenty,”. But I honestly want to tell anyone that I;m this unchanging child who still belive that one day we will be able to do space travel.

In spaceship.

And I believe that quantum physics will someday wouldn’t be just unproven theory, that it will actually bring us to somewhere more exciting than this going to opportunist world (with economy, business and all).

I believe, that’s the future.

And spaceship and interplanet trip and al things you only see in sci-fi movie would be real, with magnificent development of technology that would help us all.

This is not solely about the spaceship. it’s about how humanity will evolve with higher technology. Spaceship just one icon that I took to represent the dream.

Yes, you can call me crazy, or childish, or stupid.

But I choose to believe in this.

And someday, spaceship would be as real as plane, and scientist won’t be those people whom you said: no future. When the day comes, don’t apologize to me. I forgive you all 🙂


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